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  • Pathogen Flow and Mapping Tool Input Files

    These are CSV files that will be used as inputs for the Pathogen Flow and Mapping Tool.
  • JMP Assumptions

    This CSV file contains assumptions used in the Pathogen Flow Tool about the different onsite sanitation technologies. Specifically, it tells the code whether or not to assume...
  • Example Onsite Data

    This is an example of an onsite sanitation dataset that can be used with the getLoadings function from the pathogenflows package in R (https://mverbyla.github.io/pathogenflows/)
  • Pathogen Treatment Data Set

    These data files are currently being used by the Pathogen Flow Tool to predict pathogen emissions to the surface and the subsurface, as well as the overall pathogen reduction...
  • Thermal Disinfection

    Dataset compiled through systematic literature review published in: Espinosa, M.F., Costa, N., Mendoza, L., Mota Filho, C.R., Verbyla, M.E. (2020). Systematic review and...